Sainte Marie Paradise Island

Sainte-Marie is a small authentic island 60 km long and 6 km wide. It is a paradise island dominated by lush vegetation and long beaches lined with coconut trees. Moreover, according to the budget, it has important and varied hotel infrastructures. It is also known for its welcoming and friendly population. Moreover, its climatic condition allows the famous humpback whales to reproduce.

Day 1 : Réunion – Sainte Marie

Welcome at the airport of Sainte Marie. Installation at the hotel crique hotel

Day 2 : Historical and cultural visit

Visit around the small capital of Sainte -Marie in Ambodifotatra. Visit of The Saint-Marien Museum; the oldest Catholic church in Madagascar, erected in 1857, it was donated to the island by Empress Eugenie of France.
The 18th century pirate cemetery where the famous pirates like Thomas Thew and William Kids were buried. A small boat ride to the island of the pirates or pirate used as a place of camouflage pirates. Lunch and return to the hotel. Overnight Crique hotel.

Day 3 : Discovery of the North of the island

Departure from the hotel then direction to the north of the island through the natural pool and make a loop to the east. Exploring the lush landscapes of the east coast and various plants (cloves, cinnamon, vanilla), and precious woods (rosewood, ebony). Meeting with the local population and visit of the village. Lunch at a restaurant in the north. Overnight at Crique hotel

Day 4 : Whale Safari

During the month of July until September, humpback whales from Antarctica arrive at Sainte Marie to put down their young. Day trips allow whale watching with their baleino. Overnight at Hotel La Crique

Day 5 : ile aux nattes

Visit of the zoological and botanical park endemika on the south of   the island. In this park there are some aspects of the endemic biodiversity of the island Sainte-Marie such as a several varieties of orchids, palm, pandanus, snakes (boa and snake’s liana), chameleons, turtles, lemurs, birds (duck, guinea fowl). After the visit relaxing to the beautiful beach of ile aux nattes

Day 6 : Vol pour l’ile de la Réunion